Face to Face

The Face to Face radio program is broadcast weekly from over 300 radio stations across Australia and New Zealand. 

Produced by Lutheran Media Ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australian, Face to Face has brought the Gospel over airwaves to millions of Australians for more the 55 years, at one stage broadcasting from over 1,200 stations. 

Check the current broadcast schedule, find a station near you or tune in online by following this link to the Face to Face website. 

Face to Face is currently broadcast on the Vision Radio Network on Sunday's at 6 am and now also across the Tablelands on 92.3 FM on Sunday's at 3 pm.

Messages of Hope

Is Jesus Real?

"I have a true story of a young lad hearing the Christmas story for the first time. And he said to his teacher, Miss why would Mary call her son after a swear word?"
"For me I guess Jesus was almost a fairytale, like Goldilocks and the three bears. It was this concept of a person."
Join Richard Fox on Messages of Hope this week, with Celia and Noel for a conversation about Jesus. Is he more than just a swear word or a made up story? How do we know if he is real?

You can hear Messages of Hope this Sunday at 11 am, Monday at 8 pm and Tuesday at 2 am across the Tablelands on 92.3 FM and ONLINE – your Christian Community radio station, broadcasting live from Mareeba.

Messages of Hope is also available online at www.messagesofhope.org.au


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