Eighth Sunday after Epiphany – Psalm 131

Do you know who this bloke is? His name is Michael Caton – a popular Aussie actor isn't he? I think one of his most successful roles would have to be as Darryl Kerrigan in 'The Castle.' The Castle is the story of your typical Aussie battler family fighting with the authorities to keep their home which happens to be right next door to the airport – that wants their land.

Now there are some very well-known quotes from this movie aren't there?

  1. "That's going straight to the pool room!"
  2. Looking at the trading post, "what's he asking for it? ... Tell him he's dreaming!"

And then there's the one I'm interested in today. It's when they head down to Bonnie Doon – which in the past has been a famous spot in Victoria for water skiing and a bit of fishing. And Darryl Kerrigan, surrounded by his family, his boat and their holiday shack says to his wife, "How's the serenity!?" I said the same thing to Janelle as we settled into Cairns – then Yasi started blowing in my direction.

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