Third Sunday in Lent – John 4:5-42

The Cairns Post got pretty excited. Maybe you saw the headline on Monday that read: "As the Far North rebuilds, Prince William's visit proves a RIGHT ROYAL TONIC." Then it said "Not only did he lift our spirits, but Price William gave exhausted Far Northerners some memories that will last a lifetime."

Good on him for coming and lifting the spirits of people. Tired people who are worn out and wondering what the future holds for them and their families. I hope, as I'm sure you all do, that our neighbours here and south of us feel better for the experience.

Maybe the real question is: How long until they need more tonic? What are YOU thirsting for?

  • Economic stability?
  • A fulfilling relationship with God? Spouse? Child? Coworker?
  • Are you thirsting for medical care and healing? Renewal? Spiritual, physical, or emotional?
  • Do you thirst for a new body image?
  • Maybe your thirst eludes you, but all humanity thirsts. But where do we go to quench our thirst?

Things like self-help books, church programs, investments, insurance policies, gym memberships, medications, help to keep us dehydrated. And without doubt, many of these things are necessary for our lives BUT they can't replace what Jesus is offering to us, nor are they worthy of our complete trust. Only the living water Jesus offers effects a total renewal in you – from the inside out. It's a right royal tonic for the soul.

  • Download and read the whole sermon as a pdf here