Fourth Sunday after Epiphany – Deuteronomy 18:15-20

Grace, peace and mercy to you from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

In February, we are growing weary of being told that we stand at the beginning of a new year with new opportunities all around us. The members of our congregation have heard a number times that we are in a new year and that this is the time and place that God has put us. I’ve been present at a number of staff meetings and devotions where teachers and support staff of Peace Lutheran College have been welcomed to a new school year. And last Tuesday morning we welcomed the students back to a new year of learning and growing as individuals and as a college community. 

So surely we don’t need to hear again a message about beginning anything new? On the one hand the answer is, “No, we don’t need to hear this again.”  But on the other hand, we need to keep hearing that God is creating all things new. Here today in this service we are commissioning and blessing new teachers and staff for their work within the college. We are rededicating current staff so they hear once more that they work under the watchful eye of our Heavenly Father as he guides our community. And this service is a binding together of both college and congregations as we are called to work in different ways within Cairns in 2009. 

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