Easter Sunday – John 20:1­‐18

Why does the Bible depict Jesus as a gardener in John 20:1-18? And why does Mary see Jesus and see a gardener before seeing her saviour? Maybe it goes all the way back to the beginning: to a garden and the giant fall of humankind. What would it mean for us to be restored to the one who planted the garden of Eden and have access once more to Eden? Find out how God has restored us to both the garden and the gardener through the resurrection of Jesus.

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Maundy Thursday

Food is a major focus of our lives. It's there when we socialise and even when we turn on our television! On Maundy Thursday we celebrate the meal Jesus instituted for his disciples to eat. Food that does amazing things beyond the best restaurant meal or the most elaborately catered social function. So if the saying is true and we are what we eat, what does that mean for us as we approach Jesus' banquet table?

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Palm Sunday – Matthew 21:1-11

How do you pick your leaders? What kind of things are on your leadership shopping list? We want our leaders to look the part and promise the things we really want: political strength, higher wages, lower taxes. But they also need to look the part, accessorise and bask in the light of high media exposure. So what was Jesus thinking entering Jerusalem on a donkey? Is this the kind of King you're looking for? Jesus may not look the part, but maybe he's exactly what we really need...

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Fifth Sunday in Lent – John 11:1-45

How important is your faith to you? We usually answer that question with powerful words of affirmation. But is that really how it is - or do we pay Jesus more lip service than actual honesty?

Come and explore how Jesus breathes His life into you and re-animates you for authentic life that glorifies God in His Kingdom!

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